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The admissions process begins with discussing your situation, setting goals, and scheduling a tour. To get started, please contact us and visit the center to see if we are the right fit for your loved one. We are open to serve the entire New River Valley community, in addition to VT employees. Please contact the center at 540-231-3161 for further information about fees and scholarships.

For questions about COVID-19, visit the VT Ready page.

Steps To Take

  • Contact us and visit the center to see if we can fit each other’s expectations. Ask us questions. Check us out.
  • We must prepare a preliminary evaluation and plan of care based on our observations and your description of health and behavior issues.
  • Complete the admission paperwork and submit it to us to hold a place.
  • Review the Family Handbook.
  • Arrange for your financing.
  • Arrange for your transportation.
  • Get a medical report, Tuberculosis screening completed, and prescription copies for any medications to be administered at the center (and bottle from the pharmacy).
  • Establish a start date and the specific weekdays to attend.

First Day

Be prepared to feel several mixed emotions when you leave your family member at ADS:

  • Guilt feelings can be common; talk with a friend or family member for a reality check.
  • A sense of not knowing what to do with yourself or your time; you have spent all this time working and worrying, so now is the time to rebuild your own sense of self and contact with friends.
  • Concern that your family member may not like it; let us know your concerns and call during the day to find out how it is going.

Be prepared for your family member to resist going:

  • Your family member has become accustomed to getting fearful or in trouble if you are not present.
  • The presence of symbols of functional decline (walkers, wheelchairs, etc.) can put off some adults who either are not particularly ill or cannot admit any limitation; they usually realize there is a range of ability and can find participants at their level and enjoy the company of staff and students.
  • It will take some time (often short) to realize that ADS is safe and comfortable, even fun.

Have the following ready to bring to ADS:

  • Complete change of clothing, including socks and underwear,
  • Supplemental supplies: fortified drinks, special food options, incontinence supplies,
  • Medication to be administered at Adult Day Services ready with prescription copy and in a pharmacy-issued bottle showing:
    • Name of the Participant
    • Name of the Physician
    • Name of the Drug
    • Date Prescription Filled
    • Prescription Number
    • Dosage per Tablet
    • Prescribed Amount
    • Prescribed Frequency
  • All paperwork required for admission,
  • Two basic criteria exist for admission and continued stay:
    • The participant must be able to maintain behavior appropriate to a group environment,
    • The participant must be able to bear weight to, at a minimum, assist in own transfer between seats.