Study Abroad with ECCA

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ECCA faculty are passionate about discovering prestigious and innovative programs serving families navigating dementia. In line with our mission to enhance the education of future healthcare professionals, we actively expose students to alternative long-term care options and programs to impact their philosophies of aging.

In addition to experiential learning opportunities on site, we created a study abroad opportunity to broaden students understanding of best practices from a global perspective.

Graduates and professionals can participate for continuing and professional education credit.

International Dementia Care: European Tour

International Dementia Care Practice & Policy is a 6 credit, 4-week course. We travel abroad to expose students to alternative and innovative programs in dementia care, engage with older adults in a second-language environment, and discuss policies with policy makers and advocates of the countries we study.

Summer 2022: Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, Scotland

Here is the description from the 2022 Study Abroad Course