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Investigating Musical Approaches In Geriatrics In Neurological Exploration

At IMAGINE Lab, our research is focused on studying if music listening and playing have a positive impact on the emotions and social connectedness of people with Alzheimer Disease (AD) as well as their caregivers. Combining music with science and technology, our interdisciplinary team plans to use electroencephalography (EEG) data to explore the neurological effects related to music therapy interventions, specifically how individuals with AD store and retrieve musical memories.

Current brain imagining research has indicated that music therapy can lead to decreased levels of depression and pain perception, as well as increased social engagement for typical adults with AD. Our research team hopes to further examine how music can improve physical coordination, social interaction, and emotional experiences for individuals diagnosed with AD.  

Our research team is collectively passionate about helping those who treat or have Alzheimer Disease. Our goal is to apply findings from our study to help music therapists develop more effective music interventions for their patients with AD.  We also hope that these findings will help design training programs for caregivers to teach them how using music-based strategies can support positive relationships and connectedness with a person with AD.

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News and Upcoming Events

Summer 2023 Research Session

We are recruiting participants to engage in our study! Do you know anyone who might be interested?

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See attached PDF for more information: IMG-0010

Past Events Timeline

ICAT Creativity and Innovation Day (May 1st at Moss Arts Center)

Exhibit: Watch your BRAIN in musical action!

Want to see what happens in your brain when you are listening to music? What about when you are MAKING music?

Try on an EEG cap, pick a song and play up a drum. Bring a friend and see how your brains interact with one another while making music and having fun together!


Dennis Dean Research Conference (Spring 2023)

Some of our undergraduate research assistants presented at a university-wide conference! See  attached poster board for more information: Exploring the Neuroplasticity of Music to Re-establish Synchronized Behavior & Communication Patterns Between Individuals with Dementia and their Caregivers Dennis Dean Conference 2023.pptx

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